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At a time when everything is out of balance and people are jumping between extreme to extreme.
We see a world which is constantly changing and challenging humanity to evolve and improve.
This is the time for personal
development, set goals in order to reach transcendence. In this photoshoot we aimed to visualize this idea by creating a process of development.
Starting as something that grows inside a protective environment, emerges from it and makes a way in the world represented by a mythical character of a woman.
The concept was driven by the desire to capture the sense of enlightenment and was inspired by the worlds of Salvador Dali’s surrealism and Matisse cutouts.
Realizing we are the ones controlling our life, we write our own story reliving pages from our past or writing new ones. This is where the real challenge is Look inward, closer into ourselves. That’s when enlightenment kicks in and awakens a sense of fulfillment of existence.

Fashion, Muse and makeup: Noy Munis
Photographer: Itamar Asher
Set Design: Itamar asher
Hairstyle: Erez Ivan
Accessories: Enbar Shetrit
Special Thanks: Omer Ga’ash & Tal Ziv