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Israel, October 2021 You felt like you were evaporating slowly, not much was left of you and so was your place in the world. You disappeared from the world, you betrayed yourself, you disappeared into yourself. “Phantasm” was born from the experiences of myself and Noy, (Designer & Character of the editorial) struggling to make …

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Israel , August 2021 HOW ARE WE GONNA HAVE FUN ?!?! Adi Brnck in MUNISA-LAND custom red bubbles dress & psychedelic tights for BĘÃTFÓØT New Music Video “??? FUN ???” Credits: Produced: Udi Naor Vocals: Adi Bronicki Guitars & Backing Vocals: Nimrod Goldfarb Mixed & Co produced: Dori Sadovnik Mastered: Slade Templeton Directed: True Twins …

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Israel, October 2020 At a time when everything is out of balance and people are jumping between extreme to extreme. We see a world which is constantly changing and challenging humanity to evolve and improve. This is the time for personal development, set goals in order to reach transcendence. In this photoshoot we aimed to …

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Horror in Wonderland

Israel, April 2021 Our shared connection to fantastic and surreal worlds made us create together and the experience took place in real time without limits, we gave everything and it exceeded expectations. We think walking in the infinite and infinite nature as a human being can be amazing and scary at the same time. We …

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Israel, April 2020 Our inner spirit isn’t always what it seems, on the inside it’s dark, crazy and unapologetic. Living as a Demon on this earth and creating your own reality can sometimes help you survive. In these Photographs we explore the way the demons come out, and imagine their physical being. Credit: Published: Quazar …

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Israel, March 2020 Credit: Photographer & Set Designer: Itamar Asher Assistant photographer: Omer Gaash Muse:  Nona Chalant

Exceeding Expectations

Israel , September 2019 Exceeding Expectations is an androgynous collection aims to explore the subject of the other in society. It presents my ideal of unconventional new beauty. Throughout history, anyone who strayed from the acceptable norms, both in appearance and in behavior, was considered controversial and weird in the eyes of society. Acts like …

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