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Exceeding Expectations is an androgynous collection aims to explore the subject of the other in society. It presents my ideal of unconventional new beauty. Throughout history, anyone who strayed from the acceptable norms, both in appearance and in behavior, was considered controversial and weird in the eyes of society. Acts like the “Freak Show”, publicly presented people who were born with physical deformations who were to be treated with mockery and ridicule. The same physical abnormalities, as well  as an examination of the attitude towards the other in society, were reflected in films like “Frankenstein” and the “Elephant Man”which had a great influence on this collection as well. I created my figures with silhouettes that challenge the mainstream ideal of beauty and the common proportions of the human body. These figures stand in the center of the collection by which I seek to take out the different in our society from the place of scorn and to glorify them with an admiring light. All this is expressed in the designs using leather, printing distortions and deformed silluestes, using 3D techniques. Nowadays this topic is also connected to a discussion gaining popularity- online bullying and new media shamings.

Fashion Designer: Noy Munis
Photographer: Guy Nahum Levy
Makeup: Linor Kahlani
Models: Tamar Ben Cnaan, Itamar Asher, Wiebke We, Yanay Menini, Omer Diller.