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You felt like you were evaporating slowly, not much was left of you and so was your place in the
world. You disappeared from the world, you betrayed yourself, you disappeared into yourself.
“Phantasm” was born from the experiences of myself and Noy, (Designer & Character of the editorial) struggling to make sense of this past period on earth.
Trying to find serenity in our chaotic minds. In the macro talking about modern society, and the need for more balance within the tension and
confusion within it. The creature is born, engulfed in white noise, the wall between self fulfillment, and understanding is formed and the creature is blurry.
Confused, anxious, and having a sense of sharp fear of the unknown near future.
The creature starts to become more visible, yet still dizzily trying to grasp onto something so that there can be a feeling of certainty in the blurriness.
Slowly trying to make a sound but still suffocated and repressed, the creature tries to shout but no
one heard. Screaming out its soul. The road was blurry and complicated but the creature kept going, searching for sanity.
Suddenly, a blue laser beam appears and it begins to follow, drifting into the blue rays, into the electrifying and cruel vortex that tortures the mind constantly.
The creature tries to seize control but nature defeated the chance and it loses control, finding itself dismantled on the rocks.
Crawling towards the mountain with the rest of its strength, clinging to the rocks and starting to
climb, in small steps. Every step evokes ambition, and appreciation – to reach and touch the stars or at least their dust.
Looking at the mirror, the content keeps changing and changing, as does our life.
A transformation occurs and the creature breaks down, disintegrates, and its image starts to contort.
Trying to rebuild itself between this hall of mirrors, all the characters. It chooses to break through every step until enlightenment.
Out of the darkness, a small light suddenly appeared calling for the creature to come and approach,
every step it takes, the light grows and expands and it goes in and penetrates.
The lock opens and the creature is released from the inner prison that has befallen upon it.
A little further, a few steps and it has reached the highest end of the mountain, as close to the stars
as possible. Embarking on a new, unknown path.

Fashion Designer: MUNISA
Character: Noy Munis
Photogrpher: Daniel Ben Simon
Assistant Photographer: Gal Valenty
Makeup: Reut Kalderon
Hair: Selina
Styling Assistant: Yuval Zeituny
Jewarly: Gregory Larin
Set are & 3D: Anastasia Shopine
Special Thanks to Marta Espinosa and Inbal Theater