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A figure emerges from the darkness. From decay it hatches out and crawls to the ground, struggling to stand on its own feet until suddenly monstrous sides appear from within.
His monstrous sides want to wake up and his body shakes uncontrollably. Under a spell, dolls appear from the wreckage, hanging on strings, as if under a spell. The narcissist brainwashed them and flooded them with poisons that made them lose all sense and grip on reality.
With a loud laugh that shakes the earth, the black cat enters and plots to kidnap more sluts. The narcissist uses them as slaves to prepare more drinks for the dolls. When a little demon arrives with extraordinary hypnotic powers, he induces hypnosis in the ridiculous pervert cat.
He lies on the ground until his last laugh, mwahahaha… The demon summons bold and shameless character to come with the “Tsunami” forces. Together, they defeat the narcissist’s kingdom, heal the lost character along the way and celebrate their power.

Fashion designer & Art direction: Noy Munis
Assistants: Petra Mellention & and Djinni Dhy
Vidoe Director: Max Gabbay
A Cam Operator: Tom
Models: Nnennaga Ogyugua, Ioannis Tsiavo, Mars Chen, Bambie Thug , Adriana Tsokou, Vesper Xander, Lucy Marie, Elix Toci, Sophie Gouk
Make-up artist: Sophie Gouk
Make-up artist assistant: Ania Zalaszewska
Hairstylist: Fabien Picot
Hairstylist assistant: Elle
Nail artist: Dor Vaknin
Soundtrack: Stav Munis & Bambie Thug
Special thanks to: Bleaq and The Bomb Factory Foundation